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Hello! I'm Masha. I like to bake, eat, read, and cuddle with my dog, Bear. Pechka Bakery is my home bakery that was established in 2020 in Columbus, Ohio. 

I was born in Moscow, Russia but I have now lived in Ohio longer than anywhere else. With the support and encouragement from my husband, John, our friends, and family, Pechka Bakery has graduated from a concept into reality. 

The word "pechka" means oven in Russian. Historically, in Russian culture, the oven was the epicenter of a home. It was used for heating, cooking, and at times, even sleeping. Pechka was even significant enough to become a character in Russian folklore. It is a simple word but evokes the feeling of home, family, and history.

While many of the baked goods you'll find here are not traditionally Russian, they are influenced by flavors from my childhood. The Napoleon cake is especially near and dear to my heart because it is based off of a family recipe and tends to only be served on special occasions (but now you can eat it any day of the week!). 

I am excited to share these flavors with you all! I tried to make these baked goods accessible by including nut-free and vegan options. I am hoping to keep adding to the menu and switching items seasonally as Pechka Bakery grows.

Thanks for stopping by! Feel free to email with any questions!


Cottage bakery located in Columbus, Ohio featuring Eastern European flavors

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